How you pronounce Muchowich?
We've heard Muck-o-witch, Mooch-o-witch, Much-away, and many other attempts to over think the pronunciation. It's actually very simple. Think of a witch, then add the word "much" and put an "o" in the middle. MUCH • O • WICH.
Are you hiring?
We're always looking for good people. Do you get sea sick? Are you comfortable with being away from home for two to three weeks at a time? Think carefully about taking a job working offshore. If you are up to the task, fill out our on-line job application and get ready to join our team.
How much money can I make?
It depends on your level of experience. Rate of pay will be discussed with you at your interview.
What benefits do you offer?
Many members of our team enjoy the family-style culture of Offshore Oil Services, Inc. As a small boutique shop, we promote personal relationships between crew members and administration. So, aside from the benefit of being recognized, respected and appreciated, we offer medical, dental, and optical insurance for eligible employees and their family. The employee portion of medical and dental insurance benefits are subsidized by the company. Once eligible, you will be provided with a life insurance policy. We also have a generous 401k employer matching program.
Are your crews listed in NCMS and DISA?
Which compliance organizations do you use for recruiting and job placement?
Offshore Oil Services Inc is active with every relevant compliance organization in the industry. We take HSE seriously and we utilize all avaliable resources to insure our crews and vessels are compliant. We are active partners with ISNetworld, NCMS, DISA, PEC Safety, NCMS, OVID, DISA, and KRESS.
I see that you are woman owned. Are you certified by the Womens Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)?
Yes! Offshore Oil Services Inc has been certified by WBENC since 2009.
Where are you located?
Our main office is in Clute, Texas, but our vessels operate in various location in the western the Gulf of Mexico.
Which vessel is the largest in your fleet?
The 165' M/V Marilyn M.
Can you give me directions to your main office?
Sure! Call our office (979) 265-3300 or visit our Contact page for a map. Alternatively, you may route your own directions using this address: 1608 Old Angleton Road, Clute, Texas 77531.
When was Offshore Oil Services Inc founded?
Offshore Oil Services, Inc was founded in 1968. However, the Muchowich family's entrance into the oil business came in the late 1940's when exploration off Freeport, Texas began. A Muchowich shrimp boat was retrofitted to carry and feed passengers offshore. This was done by extending the hull and modifying the cabin to accomodate passengers. We still have a 1948 invoice to The Humble Company (today Exxon Mobil) listing charges for bunks and meals. Read more on our history page.
Why did you close the Muchowich Dock?
In 2004, the company exited the marine terminal business in favor of developing and expanding the crewboat business.
How many crewboats do you operate?
The current fleet is comprised of six crewboats.
Why are your crewboats white? Doesn't that require a lot of maintenance?
We don't really know how it originated, but it began in 1973 with the purchase of the first crewboat, M/V Joe-Ray. You can't hide behind white, and we like it that way.